Our couriers arrive always on time and deliver right to your lunchroom or table.

Enjoy your meal! :-)

Quality and Administrative Ease

Companies in the Amsterdam region choose for Broodjesexpress because of the benefits of our services and the quality of our products. Justifiably. We supply the highest quality sandwiches, company lunches and business meeting lunch packages. And, usually a lot cheaper than comparable companies. If desired we can replace your company restaurant at a fraction of the cost.

Our specialty is making individual packed lunches. With this service we replace the company restaurant in businesses with 10 to 250 employees. If you opt for our lunch solution, both you and your colleagues can each order lunch individually via this website (even until 9:30 on the day of delivery!).

It is easy to order daily with our 'repeat order' function. With one click we will deliver your favorite delicious lunch the next day.

We prepare these packed lunches fresh and individually, making them according to the personal wishes of each employee. These packed lunches will then be delivered to your company before the start of the lunch break.

Payment Options

We offer the option to pay for orders in cash (administration costs €4.98) or by invoice (administration costs €2.75).

For businesses we offer the option of monthly invoices. At the end of the month your company will receive an overview of all orders, specified per person on a clear total invoice.

Would you like to taste the benefits of Broodjesexpress? Send an email to Then we can schedule a short introductory meeting. Or call 06-456 32 557 on working days between 13:00 and 18:00.